[Video] How to spend less time managing social messages...without logging into every social channel

15 February 2018 by Anita Matthews

Customers like using social media platforms for customer service. They like it even more when they get a quick response to their message.

Seeing brands respond to customers can encourage more customers to try it out. This means very quickly you’re dealing with a large influx of messages, some are customer enquiries that need a response, others are responses to marketing campaigns.

If you use several social platforms to engage with customers it can become hard to manage your messages when social volume increases. Customers still expect a fast, efficient response but agents will struggle to find the high priority messages among all the other noise.

How can you fix this? Consider connecting your social channels into a unified inbox. This will improve your social workflow and improve agent productivity. 

Watch the video to learn….

  • The key benefits of a connected social strategy
  • What exactly is social media sprawl?
  • 3 quick actions to help you simplify message management

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