How Direct Line avoids using the long arm of corporate marketing on social

20 January 2016

Xmas seems a hundred days ago and pay day seems just as far. It's cold and you can't justify eating Toblerones for breakfast anymore. You probably heard the collective sigh on Twitter on ...

How social marketers can avoid making a hash of #tags

21 July 2015

Hashtags are used in every way we communicate these days. Obviously, they are used to galvanise engagement and categorize conversations and content on social sites - Twitter, Instagram, YouTube,...

Infographic: Small businesses split almost 50/50 on benefits of social media engagement

09 June 2015

Not all small businesses are actively engaging on social channels and recognize the opportunities that social networks provide for brands. That's the message from the latest research and...

Visual social customer engagement: 10 statistics

23 April 2015

Innovating and improving customer service on social media is about listening, monitoring, and proactively engaging with your customers and target audience. The pacesetter brands don't just react...

Infographic: The best times to post social content

18 March 2015

Let's start with a given. If you engage on social channels you want to maximise the reach of your content for your target audience. Timing is everything and getting this right is a combination of...

Online retailers need parcel couriers to deliver on social customer service

22 May 2014

Delivering an integrated customer experience

02 May 2014

Social Media Meltdowns: Are They Preventable?

16 April 2014

This week brought us yet anothersocial customer service PR nightmare, with none other thanUS Airwaysleft red-faced after having toapologise for a pornographic postsent from their Twitter account....

New Report on Integrating Social Customer Service into the Contact Centre?

11 April 2014

As you know we are pretty keen on helping our customers and partners deliver brilliant social customer service by giving them the ability to manage and control their social channel as effectively...

Product Update - March 2014

26 March 2014

At Sentiment, we constantly look at ways which canhelp you manage social channels across your business. We have been hard at work and have a few really exciting new developments to tell you about.