Social Media Playbook for Contact Centres

14 December 2015

It's not news that contact centres need to integrate social media channels. But, many are struggling to understand how to do this to meet growing customer demand for an omni-channel experience,...

The Challenge of Social Customer Service

16 August 2013

Following the release of our playbook on Using Social Media to Improve Customer Service, we're running a series of posts looking at how to create your social customer service programme. This week...

Bulmers bring new beverages to the social table

04 March 2013

Summer seems a long way away on this sunny, but relatively cold spring day. But it will come and many brands are already looking ahead to summer 2013 and launching their seasonal campaigns.

Thanksgiving on social media

27 November 2012

As most of you will know, Thanksgiving is an American public holiday which takes place towards the end of November. Some may go so far as to argue that it is celebrated more than Christmas!

Christmas Adverts: Waitrose VS Sainsbury's

20 November 2012

In the run up to Christmas, you can't turn your TV on without seeing seasonal adverts... and this year is no different with each supermarket retailer trying to put their own spin on theirs. So,...

The Do's and Don'ts of Blogger Outreach

05 October 2012

The Huffington Post has recently reported' the way customers interact with organisations has changed beyond recognition.' Gone are the days of traditional marketing strategies. Now it's time to...

Oscar critics vs social media -who won?

07 March 2012

The dresses have been cleaned and given back to designers, and the red carpet brushed down and rolled up until next year. Now it's time to see who were the biggest winners at this year's Oscars...

The social side of the Brits

21 February 2012

So, who's going to win at the Brit Awards tonight?

Social media buzz in the build up to an event often gives a good indication of public opinion.  We've had a quick look at the social media buzz