7 common social customer service pain points (and how to fix them)

22 February 2018

Social media is quickly becoming the channel of choice for consumers who want fast and efficient customer service. It’s not just for the big-name brands.  If your customers are on social media,...

Should you outsource your social customer service?

22 August 2017

Delivering high quality social customer service is a real challenge for many businesses. Social is a highly visible channel and any mistakes can be costly. Customers expect a speedy, personalised...

Casual dining brands need to be on the social customer service top table

13 November 2014

Casual dining is the fastest growing segment for eating out. In most towns and cities there is so much choice and established chains likeNando's,Pizza ExpressandWagamamaare facing stiff...

Social Customer Service - Are Brands Meeting Customer Expectations?

17 January 2014

It could be argued that the single biggest driver of Social Customer Service is customer expectations. While most brand mentions on Twitter do not require a response - because they are simply talking...

With public SENTIMENT, nothing can fail.

09 August 2013

"With public SENTIMENT, nothing can fail. Without it, nothing can succeed." -Abraham Lincoln

Whether you love it, hate it or are confused as to where to start, social media increasingly reflects...

How does Associated British Foods fare on social?

26 March 2013

Associated British Foods (ABF) ... which of its brands first spring to mind? Your list should include Twinings, Kingsmill, Silver Spoon,RYVITA, and Primark. These are all part of this...

Using social media to understand consumer motivations and behaviour

21 February 2013

Drinking tea is an iconic symbol of British culture and something that people long for on a cold winter's day, like today. Throw in a biscuit as well - good times!

Snow flurries causes chaos for social media users

22 January 2013

Snow is like Marmite: you either love it or you hate it!

Sport brands, in-house marketing and social media engagement

07 January 2013

Some brands want to manage their own voice on social media. Therefore, it may come as no surprise that sports firms such as Nike, are thought to be bringing their social media marketing in-house.

Social Media Engagement and TV: X Factor vs. Strictly

21 December 2012

During the past few months I've repeatedly heard that this series of the X Factor has been struggling for ratings and BBC's Strictly Come Dancing has been the dominant force in prime time telly.