Why workforce optimisation improves the efficiency of your social customer care team

14 June 2018

Today social customer care teams are handling more and more digital interactions. Contact Centres are evolving both geographically and technologically and must handle new channels and...

7 common social customer service pain points (and how to fix them)

22 February 2018

Social media is quickly becoming the channel of choice for consumers who want fast and efficient customer service. It’s not just for the big-name brands.  If your customers are on social media,...

5 ways to be more proactive with social customer care

24 November 2017

We recently spoke about some of the key challenges businesses are facing in developing and evolving their social customer service.  At a recent Social Media Forum with UKCCF, delegates took part...

5 ways retailers can use social media to improve customer service

24 May 2017

Competition is fierce in the retail sector and businesses need to create meaningful service differences to survive and thrive.  Price competition is no longer enough, the service experience must...

5 steps to improve social customer service

18 May 2017

Recent statistics show providing high quality social customer care is linked to improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Customers expect a fast, friendly and efficient response across...

10 key social customer care statistics you need to know

12 May 2017

Customer service is the new marketing. It’s not just about winning new customers, but also about retaining existing ones and customer service is a key component of the decision to stay or go.

How to maximise the productivity of your social customer care team

03 May 2017

Organisations often have to balance multiple objectives; how to improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue while also reducing the cost to serve. Increasing complexity and disparate...

Using social customer care data to improve loyalty

10 April 2017

Customer service data should be at the centre of your strategy and decision making whether you are a multi-national enterprise or a small business.  Social customer care data in particular can...

7 ways to deliver proactive social customer care

30 March 2017

Good customer care shouldn’t just happen when a customer has a complaint.  It also pays to engage and reach out to customers on social media when they’ve indirectly mentioned your brand or product...

Why negative feedback on social media can be a positive for your business

07 March 2017

Brands engaging in customer service on social media can win on many fronts: lower cost to serve, improved satisfaction and increased customer loyalty.  But there will inevitably be times when you...