Think global, act local: How retailers can improve social customer engagement

05 June 2017

In a global economy, brands need to be able to support customers on social media who speak a number of languages and ensure they have the right resources to effectively manage interactions in...

5 ways retailers can use social media to improve customer service

24 May 2017

Competition is fierce in the retail sector and businesses need to create meaningful service differences to survive and thrive.  Price competition is no longer enough, the service experience must...

Guide: Social customer service playbook for retailers

03 November 2016

We’ve put together a super-useful playbook to help retailers make social customer care the best it can be. It’s packed with tips, best practice advice, and examples of how leading retail and...

Retail social customer service – 12 statistics you need to know

27 September 2016

We'll be launching the next guide in our series of social customer service playbooks in a few weeks' time. This time around the focus is on retail.  Social media strategies fall down if an...

What’s in a tweet – a day on the retail customer service frontline

09 September 2016

Social media is a lens for retailers to look across their whole business - customer service, marketing, retention, supply chain, stores, logistics and beyond.  Brands need to think up, down and...

Improve Twitter customer service with new features on Sentiment

24 February 2016

At Sentiment we help large enterprises handle Twitter customer service at scale. We are there for organisations with multiple social accounts, and contact centre teams with hundreds of agents, to...

How well did @BTCare cope during Tuesday's outage?

04 February 2016

Were you affected by the outage on Tuesday when BT's broadband services went down? Hundreds of thousands of customers across the country were left without the internet and as you can imagine ...

Tweets, beats and tent sheets. @GlastoFest are you ready?

12 June 2015

Some people started thinking about Glastonbury 2015 the moment they started packing to leave the site last year, wondering where they put the car, when their head would stop hurting and where the...

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30 May 2014

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22 May 2014