Infographic: Why businesses & customers love web chat for customer service

22 May 2018

 A great customer service experience is all about fast and effective resolution.

It can make all the difference when it comes to closing a sale or retaining a customer. When speed is of the...

Press release: Sentiment announces new web chat solution to enhance digital conversations & reduce customer effort

14 May 2018

Sentiment the leading digital customer service and engagement platform has today released Sentiment Chat, a streamlined web chat solution that enables brands to manage web chat alongside social...

How emojis are changing customer conversations

27 April 2018

Love them or hate them, emojis are visual representations of real feelings and emotions.  We often use them in chat apps or emails to communicate more graphically how we feel in the moment. They...

5 key reasons to use web chat for digital customer service

19 March 2018

A good customer service experience can make or break a sale.  Being there to immediately respond to a question when a visitor is considering making a purchase can make all the difference. It...

[Video] How to spend less time managing social messages...without logging into every social channel

15 February 2018

Customers like using social media platforms for customer service. They like it even more when they get a quick response to their message.

How to deliver personalised digital customer service at scale

09 February 2018

Customer service can make or break a customer relationship. How the customer feels after engaging with a brand, when they have complaint or a problem, either reinforces or changes the brand...

5 reasons to use Twitter and Facebook for customer service

25 January 2018

Although many businesses use Twitter and Facebook for marketing activities, many have yet to leverage their power to improve customer service.  These social platforms provide a great opportunity for...

Why contact centres must integrate digital and social media

10 October 2017

Contact centres must integrate digital channels as part of an omnichannel strategy, or they will become extinct. Customers under 40 want to use social channels and chat apps for service and will...