Think global, act local: How retailers can improve social customer engagement

05 June 2017

In a global economy, brands need to be able to support customers on social media who speak a number of languages and ensure they have the right resources to effectively manage interactions in...

Webinar: 8 steps to effective social customer service

30 March 2016

When it comes to evolving the care you provide on social channels, look beyond the hype. There is no alchemy, finite, or one-size fits all approach to social success. It's a continuous cycle of...

What do you expect from social customer service in 2016?

07 March 2016


12 financial services stats: How customer engagement on social adds up

04 March 2016

We'll be launching the next guide in our series of social customer service playbooks in a few weeks' time. This time around the focus is on financial services. The guide is packed with tips, best...

Infographic: 8 Steps to Evolve Social Customer Service

01 March 2016

Most organisations are still on the road to becoming a social business. Adding social customer service as part of an omni-channel solution is a bit like completing the walk from Land's End to John...

Improve Twitter customer service with new features on Sentiment

24 February 2016

At Sentiment we help large enterprises handle Twitter customer service at scale. We are there for organisations with multiple social accounts, and contact centre teams with hundreds of agents, to...

19 social customer care statistics in 90 seconds

12 January 2016

Ok, we've got 90 seconds to show how social customer service is transforming the way businesses interact, and why it can longer be seen as the elephant in the boardroom.

Black Friday: 24 hour cust serv people reloaded

02 December 2015

24 hour #custserv people

11 September 2015

What happens in a day in the life of a Twitter customer service team?

How to avoid social customer service mistakes

30 June 2015

There is no one-size fits all approach to social customer service but there are examples of best practice to guide businesses in using social media for customer service. And, the old adage if...