Press release: Sentiment announces new web chat solution to enhance digital conversations & reduce customer effort

14 May 2018 by Anita Matthews

Sentiment Chat Datasheet

Sentiment the leading digital customer service and engagement platform has today released Sentiment Chat, a streamlined web chat solution that enables brands to manage web chat alongside social customer service from the Sentiment unified digital customer inbox.

Integrated social and web chat

Sentiment Chat is a powerful tool for real-time digital customer service. It enables brands to engage with people in-the-moment and when they most need help. It supports fast resolution so customer interactions that are triggered by an issue or problem can be quickly turned into a positive experience.

Chat messages flow through the Sentiment inbox alongside social channels, enabling agents to view all customer interactions in a single queue. Smart automations then automatically distribute and assign messages to help agents triage and improve response times.

Learn more about Sentiment Chat - download the PDF datasheet>>

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Reduce customer effort

As the battle for customer retention intensives providing convenient, effective service is key in helping improve customer satisfaction and increase loyalty.

Satisfied customers are more likely to make repeat purchases and recommend the brand to others. To support customer retention Sentiment Chat also enables CSAT and NPS customer satisfaction surveys.

Brands can monitor and track customer satisfaction levels and benchmark these with their other channels to get clear insight into how happy customers are with the level service received.

Reduce service costs

Sentiment Chat is also effective in deflecting contacts from more costly channels such as voice, helping contact centres manage costs and serve customers on the channels they choose.  Agents can often manage up to six chats simultaneously, as opposed to having one conversation at a time over voice.  This can rapidly increase the efficiency and capacity of a customer service team, supporting more conversations at any given time.

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The web chat functionality will be available in the Sentiment platform from Q2 2018 and will enable digital customer teams to consolidate their customer conversations into a single streamlined solution.

Leon Chaddock, CEO, Sentiment comments “Customers are continually demanding faster resolution. Our web chat development enables brands to directly answer queries and questions in real-time and support the buying process. It enables digital customer service teams to have more productive conversations, while streamlining their workflow and improving the customer experience”.

The Sentiment customer success team will support deployment and provide expert best-practice guidance to ensure clients can realise their key objectives.  The new web chat functionality reduces the time it takes to manage and respond to digital customer service enquiries via a streamlined workflow.  The unified inbox and conversation history mean agents have all the relevant information to hand when responding to customers and are empowered to provide the best possible digital customer experience.

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Learn more about Sentiment Chat - download the PDF datasheet>>

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