19 social customer care statistics in 90 seconds

12 January 2016 by Dionne Lackey

Ok, we've got 90 seconds to show how social customer service is transforming the way businesses interact, and why it can longer be seen as the elephant in the boardroom.

Social customer service - no longer the elephant in the boardroom

Let's go ...

Customers want wow, now

1.Regardless of channel, 70% of customers expect a unique experience tailored to their needs and lifestyle (Dynamic Markets, Avaya)

2. 70% of consumers expect a response on social media within 15 minutes (BT, Avaya)


Businesses understand this

3. 90% of businesses will use social media for customer service by 2020 (Gartner)

4. 84% of contact centre professionals say delivering a seamless experience is important (Call Centre Week)

5. 75% of businesses are very committed to creating more personal connections (Call Centre Week)


Not all brands are equipped to deliver though

6. 67% of companies say social media is not well integrated in their business (Incite Group)

7. 83% of organizations are unable to deliver all requirements for a blended customer experience automatically and in real time (Dynamic Markets, Avaya)

8. 79% of contact centres do not think their technology is fit for purpose for future digital needs (Dimension Data)

9. 41% of contact centre managers admit that technology can be the cause of customer service mistakes (Ovum)


Response rates and times are still underwhelming

10. 70% of people complaining on social channels hope to receive a response, while just 38% get one (TNS NIPO)

11. The average response time on Twitter is 5 hours, 27 minutes (Eptica)


Issue resolution is poorest on social channels

12. Social media has the lowest percentage of issue resolution at 13% (Northridge Group)


Don't be blinkered by Twitter and Facebook

13. 10% of people post complaints to review sites, 12% go to forums and 2% to blogs (TNS NIPO)


Missing the bigger picture

14. 85% of businesses value voice of the customer insight. Just 21% analyse customer sentiment on social channels (Call Centre IQ)


Being responsive pays

15. 59% of UK consumers say that customer service is very important in influencing brand choice and loyalty (Microsoft)

16. 31% of social media users use the channel to make pre-sales enquiries (Institute of Customer Service)


The smart money is on unified tools

17. Global spending on combined social monitoring, social listening, social mapping and social management tools will rise from $2.2bn to $17.92 billion by 2019 (Markets and Markets)


Agents will be blended into the customer service pool

18. By 2018, 75% of social-only customer service agents will be melded into the customer service agent pool (Gartner)


In action mode

19. 24.5% of contact centres plan to deploy services over social channels within a year (Dimension Data)

For more information on improving your social customer service try our 15 tips social customer service guide.

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